Design of Automatic Railway Track Fault Detetcion System

  • Sudhanshu Agarwal, Nidhi Kumari, Indu Bhardwaj


Indian railway is one of the most important sector in terms of economy and it is the one of the biggest network all over the world, spreading around 1,15,000 km in distance but when it comes to security and maintenance it lacks somewhere which results in numerous accidents because of time to time exposure of the railway tracks. This paper deals with these issues by developing a automatic railway track fault detection system in which number of different sensors, that is ultrasonic sensors and IR sensor, are assembled together which is responsible for detecting the faults and it can also inform the specified authorities to their mobile phones at the time of detection of cracks in the form of  SMS by using GPS and GSM module. It also includes one IR sensor for protection of our vehicle so that it can detect the obstacles and send the SMS to the required authorities. This whole subject deals with solving the problem of time consumption, delaying in informing the authorities, no need of human intervention.

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