In silico investigation on newly synthesized unsymmetrical fluorenone azines

  • Dr. P. Vijaya, S. Jayashanthi


 The  unsymmetrical azines 1-(9H-fluoren-9-ylidene)-2-((phenyl) (p – tolyl) methylene)hydrazine (1) and 1-(9H-fluoren-9-ylidene)-2-((p - bromophenyl) (phenyl) methylene)hydrazine (2) were prepared from 9H-fluoren-9-one and characterized by Electronic (UV), Vibrational (IR), 13C and 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectral studies. The major conformer of the unsymmetrical azines 1 and 2 were picked out from the in silico conformational analysis of the azines by Density Functional Theoretical (DFT) study. The vibrational wave numbers of the most stable conformers were also theoretically calculated by Density functional method (DFT) method. The predicted theoretical IR frequencies and experimentally determined IR frequencies were in very good agreement. Non linear optical (NLO) behavior of the unsymmetrical azines was examined by the theoretically predicted values of dipole moment, polarizability and first order hyper polarizability. The topological properties of electronic charge density are analysed employing in silico Atoms In Molecules (AIM) theoretical analysis. The electron density(ρ) and Laplacian (2ρ) properties indicates the presence of one C – H -----N- intramolecular bridge in the azines 1 and 2 which was predicted by conformational analysis too. Bond Critical points were visualized in terms of plane graph in Multiwfn analysis program.

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