Implementing SaaS cloud along with SLAs based on OpenStack

  • Zidje Parfait Guy Patrick, Dr. KVV Satyanarayana


Cloud computing allows enterprises to access resource pools on demand service through the Internet. In fact, this initiative have been materialized as a low-cost way to develop IT infrastructure solutions. However copyrighted cloud service providers are very costly.  In fact Open Source cloud systems, provide the cheapest solution. For this purpose our document will be focusing on Open Source SaaS cloud, built and implemented within open sources tools and accessible through internet and precisely on web browsers. SaaS cloud service remotely supplies full Stack services deployed on a vendor’s infrastructure software and hardware resources to cloud consumers. On the other hand, the use of Open Source SaaS Cloud Services triggers some severe issues occur between Open Source SaaS Cloud vendors and SaaS Cloud consumers. However an entity of solution named SLA which is used to solve most issues between those main cloud actors. To accost these issues, we suggest Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that offer best revenue to both cloud actors and we brought out investigations by using an open source OpenStack cloud setup. The results reveal the effectiveness of SLA for both cloud actors such as cloud vendor and cloud consumer.

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Zidje Parfait Guy Patrick, Dr. KVV Satyanarayana. (2020). Implementing SaaS cloud along with SLAs based on OpenStack. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 10690 - 10706. Retrieved from