• Dr. E.Venu Madhavi, Dr.M.S. S. Sai


Recent trends have proven that the IoT has brought all the devices and peripherals in one place to make more flexible and smart measurement. In the traditional weather monitoring system measurement method is not real time, not continuous and also tedious job to take continuous measurement. But, the IoT has completely changed the measurement scenario and improved the consistency of the measurement. In the present work the environmental parameters such rainfall, temperature, humidity, and density of carbon dioxide in the air are measured with sensors. The Arduino Uno card gathers all information from the devices which are associated with its port pins. The information is sent to cloud server for record and future retrieving. The technology behind this is Internet of Things (IoT), which is an advanced and efficient solution for connecting the things to the internet and to connect the entire world of things in a network. Here things might be whatever like electronic gadgets, sensors and automotive electronic equipment. The system deals with monitoring and controlling the environmental conditions like temperature, relative humidity and CO level with sensors and sends the information to the web page and then plot the sensor data as graphical statistics. The data updated from the implemented system can be accessible in the internet from anywhere in the world.

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