Impact of Covid19 on e-marketing: An Early Stage Review

  • Jitendra Patel and Dr. Ajay Malpani


The Successful Brands thrive better in the times of crisis. The corona virus (Covid-19) is a global pandemic which have affected lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a deeper and impact on the global economy. The corona virus (Covid-19) is extensively affecting the e-commerce, technology businesses, and business travel. The fear response to the treat has given rise to social safety measures such as lockdowns but it is followed by depressing outcome such as increase in unemployment and trouble in the economy.  Due to lockdown there is a sharp decline in economic activity and how policymakers, government and industry will response to overcome the harm of economic and how marketer wills response to changing consumer behavior is an issue of research.  Along with all these crises digitalization of economy activity has taken a significant jump. This has given rise to increase in e-marketing. The marketer has found e-marketing as the solution for communicating and marketing with customers. This study is an attempt to critically review and provide an early stage systematic review of impact of covid19 on e-marketing. The study has reviewed the recent development in e-marketing post covid19 and has also reviewed some early empirical researches on impact of covid19 on e-marketing. The study will provide a base for further empirical research for academician and will add to the knowledge base by providing critical and insight review of e- marketing effort done globally. Also the research will let the marketer and organizations know how companies around the world are using e-marketing for doing business.

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