Tagore song symhony of life



RabindraSangeet, the songs of Rabindranath Tagore, occupies one of the top positions in the South-Asian classical music. These songs are regarded as the cultural treasure in both Bangladesh and west Bengal of India. Dealing with spirituality and transcendental love, Rabindra Sangeet is liked and adored all over the world by people. The theme of these songs are so wide and broad in range that it covers the ordinary to artistic arena and are able to represent the true feelings of every possible sector of the human society. The general ethos of the people of this part is influenced by the songs of Tagore. So, RabindraSangeet demands educated, reflective and cultured audiences to appreciate the lyrical beauty and depth of thought of his compositions. There was also a representation of the western tunes in his songs. This is for the reason; he could maintain his own distinctive messages even after using varied elements from other musical sources and these tunes can be easily identified even when he has based them on other musical forms because of this quality. So, this paper aims at identifying different artistic qualities of RabindraSangeet, i.e., the songs of Rabindranath Tagore that helped him to be crowned as the World Poet

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