Smart Airport using Internet of Things

  • Abhishek Kapila, Aditya Chatterjee, Anju Mishra


The traveling is the part of our life as a very essential workout. These travel may be local, national or international as per the need. In long journals our priority is to reach the destination fast as much the work needed. The Airplane helps this travelling easy and very fast. With the advent of the technology the travelling through air plane advanced to provide more security and conform to their passengers. This article is to explore the recent development of internet of things and their usability in the advancement of the airport. This investigation study various article along with the recent research that is going on the technological advancement in the Airport. In this paper, smart airport system has been implemented and designed as a prototype using internet webserver, database and hardware NodeMCU ESP8266 and RFID cards. The airport system gives luggage information and is a complete package using IOT for the ease of people.

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