• V. Teju, K.V.Sowmya, N.V.Satyanarayana Murthy M.LakshmiYamini, K. SaiGopinath


Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs) Have drawn tremendous concerns from all fields in mild in their huge application. Submerged remote sensor systems are like earthly wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), be that as it is able to, due to numerous place of job and correspondence medium, UWSNs have severa novel attributes, as an instance, excessive piece mistake price, lengthy begin to complete defer and coffee transfer pace. Those attributes of UWSNs purpose severa troubles, for instance, retransmission, high power utilization and coffee dependability. To cope with those issues, many directing conventions for UWSNs are proposed. On this paper, a issue free steering convention, named power green directing convention depending on layers and inconsistent bunches (EERBLC) is proposed. EERBLC conference comprises of 3 ranges: layer and inconsistent agency association, transmission directing, maintenance and replace of bunches. Within the essential degree, the gazing zone under the water is partitioned into layers, the hubs in a comparable layer are bunched. For adjusting strength of the whole device and keeping faraway from the "hotspot" difficulty, a unique inconsistent bunching approach depending on layers for UWSNs is proposed, wherein any other figuring technique for inconsistent institution length is exhibited. Inside the period in-between, every other bunch head dedication machine relying on power parity and degree is given. In the transmission degree, EERBLC convention proposes a completely unique next forwarder strength of will technique depending on the sending percent and the lingering energy.

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V. Teju, K.V.Sowmya, N.V.Satyanarayana Murthy M.LakshmiYamini, K. SaiGopinath. (2020). ANALYSIS OF AN ENERGY-BALANCED UNDERWATER ACOUSTIC SENSOR NETWORKS. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 10328 - 10335. Retrieved from