Embedded System based Automobile Exhaust Gas Monitoring for Human Safety

  • Mr. J.S.Prasath, Dr. S.Jayakumar, Dr. U. Ramachandraiah


In recent years, the urban environment is severely affected by air pollution. The major cause of air pollution is the burning of fuels and it emits harmful gases to the atmosphere. This air pollution increases rapidly due to the high usage of fuel operated automobiles. A recent study found that air pollution kills approximately nine million people every year. The burning of gasoline to power cars and trucks increases air pollution. A large amount of hazardous gases are generated due to the rapid increase in urbanization and usage of the huge number of heavy vehicles. The presence of toxic gas such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere makes the human being more difficult to breath. It is essential to track and control the amount of toxic gas in order to save the life of vehicle riders. This proposed work is the monitoring of hazardous gas from the automobile exhaust in order to reduce air pollution and to ensure a safe environment. It employs the MG811 sensor which detects the presence of CO2 gas emitted from the automobile exhaust. When the CO2 content exceeds the threshold level, the information about the vehicle owner’s name and vehicle number will be sent to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) through the GSM. Based on the information received, the RTO takes necessary action to cease the vehicle. It provides safety to motorcycle and heavy vehicle riders by assuring pollution-free environment. It can be applicable to check toxic gas emissions of a variety of automobiles.

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Mr. J.S.Prasath, Dr. S.Jayakumar, Dr. U. Ramachandraiah. (2020). Embedded System based Automobile Exhaust Gas Monitoring for Human Safety. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 6846-6849. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/23578