Evaluation of Validity and Reliability for Scientific-Based Module

  • Ahmad, Suparman


This study aims to test the validity and reliability of scientific-based modules in accordance with the 2013 curriculum. This study uses a descriptive-quantitative approach. The subjects of this study were students of SMP Negeri 2, Sokaraja, Banyumas. Research instruments include instruments to test validity and instruments to test module reliability. The module is assessed by three experts in aspects of content, language and evaluation. The results showed that the average value in terms of the content aspect was 2.25, in the language aspect it was 3.44, and in the evaluation aspect it was 3.58. While the overall average value is 3.46. Therefore, the module meets the validity and reliability criteria. Modules can be used by teachers in learning in schools that use the 2013 curriculum.

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