Design of Artificial Intelligent Technique based Controller for DVR

  • M.Dinesh, B.Karthik, S. Purushotham


The increased use of power electronic components results in power quality issues like voltage sag/swell, harmonics, flickers and so on. The major power quality issue faced in a distribution network is voltage sag. To overcome this voltage sag, numerous voltage restorers have been proposed. Among those, DVR is considered as a unique device for voltage sag compensation because of its fast response. This work proposes a new controller for DVR using ANFIS topology so as to optimize its performance. The performance of proposed DVR is examined using MATLAB software under different fault conditions for a standalone system. The simulation results indicate that the proposed DVR has higher efficiency and rapid voltage sag compensation in comparison with the traditional one.

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M.Dinesh, B.Karthik, S. Purushotham. (2020). Design of Artificial Intelligent Technique based Controller for DVR. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(10s), 6242 - 6248. Retrieved from