Stress in Workplace: Identifying the Major Causes of Stress in the Information Technology Industry

  • Raunaq Saha


The aim of this paper is to identify the various factors that are causing stress amongst employees of the information technology industry. It brings forward the most important technology related stressors that are plaguing up- coming employees and leading to decreased output at work.  The paper analyses the variables in the extent of influence on    an employee’s stress factor. The work force of the information technology sector is heavily reliant on numerous technologies at their workplace. Hence, their sources of stress will also be majorly influenced by these technologies unlike the previous generations. The paper takes the help of former studies and journals to identify potential variables that cause job stress among employees in order to justify the variables chosen in this study. The dependent variable is employee stress whereas the independent variables that lead to technology related stress are work-life balance, supervisor support, workload pressure and job involvement. A primary survey is conducted by floating an online questionnaire consisting of the scales for all the variables used   to generate required number of responses from the respondents. This assists in empirically backing up the findings.  The data is then analyzed with the help of software such as SPSS and    then subjected to statistical tools such as standard deviation and mean. The study enables organizations to gain an insight into how their upcoming employees can be kept stress-free without compromising with their work output in the information technology industry.

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