Correlation of Gamification with Blend of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Artificial İntelligence (AI)

  • Kashya Adhikari


The purpose of this paper is to delineate the understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI) in a workplace and its correlation with gamification. This paper focuses on gamification as a tool for boosting organization performance. This paper attempts to examine the AI-based gamification strategies that have been applied in various companies to enhance the cognitive and emotional intelligence skills of the employees for achieving organizational objectives. In this article, we discuss how gamified elements could influence employee engagement. Almost 60% to 95% of employees around the world are not engaged in their work, making them lose motivation to work. While technology is thriving at its best, gamification is one of the tools, being adapted by various companies. A primary survey is done to understand the practicality of gamification that uses artificial intelligence to improve emotional intelligence by analyzing various variables including job engagement, and employee satisfaction. The methodologies that have been used in the paper are the primary surveys which are validated by building a correlation of employee engagement to gamification. The questionnaire is made to understand the employer’s interest in how gamification can be improved using AI-based technology, ranging from big-data analytics, virtual assistants, speech recognition and so on. In addition, the influence of game elements on working participants is also discussed. The review of evidence on gamified surveys has been done, such as survey and personal knowledge, and secondary data, from books, journals, articles, and other reviews.  With all information, the gamification framework with correlation to AI and EI, and practical recommendation for an effective gamification framework has been provided that can be applied in an organizational context. This paper summarizes the relation of AI-based tools, gamification, and EI of the employees. The paper aims to augment the value of gamification in the working environment, improve employee engagement and motivation.

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