Effectiveness of E-Learning in Career Development

  • Gaurav Kumar Singh, Aanchal Khanna


With rapid advancement in technology, companies today are investing their resources in learning and development (L&D) initiatives. Training and development of employees has become one of the prime objectives of almost every organization to make their employee stay abreast with the latest technology and develop their overall personality. Moreover, it's not just the organizations but the employees too have shown keen interest in different L&D programs, that would also give them an opportunity to up-skill their existing talent. Such programs and methods are prerogative to measure the employees' job performance that eventually measure an organization's performance. The aim of this research paper is to investigate the effectiveness of electronic learning (e-learning) courses in the overall development of employee or an individual that would assist them to their career development. This study seeks to find out individuals’ ability to use e-learning courses as a learning tool to develop their technical skills, soft skills, and also attempts to measure their effects on the individual characteristics such as job satisfaction. This study is done based upon primary survey of current employees, previous employees and students (graduated or above), and online databases to explore the concept. A total of 106 responses are analyzed in this research using SPSS software and results are examined thoroughly. Future scope of research could include the angle of elderly workforce and HR professionals for the same program and training.

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