Me Too Movement Sentiment Analysis

  • Charishma Kuna, Dr. M. Rama Bai
  • Charishma Kuna, Dr. M. Rama Bai


Sentiment Analysis (SA) is a current field of study in text mining. Subjectivity of text, sentiment, and opinions are treated computationally by SA. This study examines the sentiment of the tweets containing “#metoo”.  As a comparison, the same analysis was performed on the MenToo movement. MeToo started picking up significance in India with the expanding ubiquity of the global development, and later gathered sharp force in October 2018 in the film business of Bollywood, focused in Mumbai, when Tanushree Dutta blamed Nana Patekar for lewd behavior. An Indian filmmaker has joined calls for the creation of a “#MenToo” movement for men’s rights, saying it should be “as important as #MeToo. This case study gathers around 20,000 tweets from the major cities of India for the duration of a week. Tweets were analyzed through the ‘sentiments’ dataset of tidytext (afinn, bing, nrc) and RSentiments dataset. The goal was to better understand the overall sentiment and find the associated patterns. With the hashtag analysis, it can be seen that #metoo was associated with the film industry where as #mentoo was more rooted to the cause. The comparison of likes and retweets shows that #metoo movement has over 70% more engagement than #mentoo

Index Terms: Sentiment Analysis, social media, #metoo, #mentoo, India, TidyText, RSentiments         

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