Factors Affecting Indian Consumer’s İntention of Purchase Towards Branded Shoes

  • Harsh Jagdhane


This study will focus on customer’s behavior towards different branded shoes. This study provides a step towards a huge research opportunity as the market for branded shoes is not slowing down any time soon. The purpose of this study is to figure out the personal views of the customers regarding various shoe brands, to study which shoe brand is preferred the most according to customer preferences, to study the factors influencing the choices of people while buying branded shoes and to study why they prefer one brand over other. The primary research would include a questionnaire based survey conducted online to source the data from various demographics based on their usage of shoes. The questionnaire intends to gather relevant data which would further be analyzed using statistical techniques to reach the conclusion. This questionnaire will contain 10-15 questions and the survey will include more than 100 respondents. The main parameters for this research would be Income level, Age group, Gender, Profession, Brands, Modes of purchase(Online/Offline), Social presence, Peers, Perceived comfort, Societal pressure, Aesthetics, Brand consciousness, Favourite Influencer & Brand loyalty. The main motive of this study is to focus on the above parameters and to see how these parameters affects a consumer’s intent to purchase.

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