The Impact of GST on Restaurants ın Pune

  • Gunjan Todı


The study of my research is focused around the Goods and Services tax, and its implementation in India. I studied the various aspects of GST and how it has impacted the restaurant industry. The focus of my research was to see the impacts of the implementation of GST on the restaurants in Pune. GST has left several impacts all over the country since its implementation. Here we will discuss the various impacts of GST on restaurants to get a clear insight of the case. GST has reduced tax burden for many but has also come as a surprise for some. The sudden change of the taxation system has lead to several issues and has impacted the economy of the country. A mixed method has been used to analyze the data I have collected by conducting interviews of 5 respondents and surveys of 35 respondents who reside in Pune. The owners I have interviewed, also own restaurants in Pune. The interviews conducted gives me an insight of the impact of GST on the restaurant owners. After collecting the data, I found out that the impact of GST on restaurant has been positive which is also what I had assumed earlier

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