Factors Affectıng Consumer Preferences for Retaıler Selectıon

  • Devansh Consul


Retailers help manufactured goods to reach the final consumer. For a customer, there are several options to choose from. The customer can choose to make his purchase either online or offline. If the customer chooses to buy the product offline there many retail outlets selling the same product. They evaluate the place of purchase through various factors. In this research, we would analyze what are the critical factors that affect the customer’s decision. The factors that would be analyzed would be nearness to the place of stay, experience, personnel in the stores, low cost, and the variety of products available in the outlet. This would help us analyze what are the most important factors while choosing the retail outlet. The retail industry in India is highly unorganized and is partially moving towards an organized industry. The lifestyle of people varies in a metropolitan and non-metropolitan city. Therefore the study also studies whether it has an impact on their purchasing mode. As new modern trade stores come up they need to identify the right factors they should work on to gain customer traction. In this research, it is also analyzed whether the traditional stores offer credit to its customers and whether should modern trade adopt this element into their business models.

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