Green Innovation in Human Resource Management and İts İmpact on Employee Behavior

  • Gifty Mehra, Deepika Pandita, Poornima Tapas


The world is innovating tools and technologies to preserve the environment. There is a growing concern among the corporates to protect and preserve the environment. The corporate world is heading towards Green Economy. Incorporating Green initiatives in human resource management is vital to achieve the goal of sustainability. This study aims to understand various verticals where Green HRM initiatives can be successfully implemented along with advantages and disadvantages. The study helps in identifying a relationship between implementation of Green practices in HRM and Employee Behavior including Employee Retention, Employee Acquisition, Employee Motivation and Engagement. The study has been open for all the organizations and a sample of 47 organizations has been taken using random method. HR managers were contacted to get the survey forms filled. After extensive literature review, it has been found that Green HRM can be divided into 6 broad dimensions which include Green Recruitment, Green Performance Management System, Green Training and Development, Green Employment Relations, Green Compensation and Rewards and Green Exit. These broad functional areas have independent Green HRM initiatives. It was found that after the implementation of Green HRM in the organizations that were surveyed, employees were more engaged and committed to their work. Green HRM measures helped to acquire an improved talent pool and had a positive impact on employee retention.

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