Factors influencing the shift from traditional TV to OTT platforms in India

  • Rohit Jacob Jose


With the rapid improvements in technology and increasing levels of internet penetration across India, the way that people consume media is changing. The emergence of over the top media services has started to change the media space significantly. OTT platforms give you the freedom to watch the movies and TV series you want at your own convenience. While majority of the population of the country use television, we can see a shift towards OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. While some of these services may charge a premium cost when compared with television, they offer various benefits which make them an attractive option. Content streaming on online platforms have much less breaks and advertisements compared to television. They have given the Indians better access to international content. They also have special algorithms which help in suggesting other movies or series based on the likes and past search history of their customer. The platforms themselves are producing their own shows apart from just playing TV content online and on demand. This research paper aims to understand the OTT sector better and identify the various factors that influences the shift of the consumers from traditional television to over the top media platforms in India.

Keywords: ott, television, user friendliness, content richness, cost        

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