The Development of Entrepreneurial Skill Through “Creativepreneur 2.0” Model

  • Ratih Hurriyanti et al.


The low level of Indonesia's competitiveness in human resource quality causes an increase in the number of unemployment each year. Based on the level of education, it is found that the unemployed with bachelor's degree is higher compared to other levels of education. One of the factors causing this phenomena is because the industrial intake capacity for job vacancy is very low. The aim of this community service activity is to develop a web based creativepreneur 2.0 for entrepreneurship students The coaching activity was attended by 65 participants who came from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia University of Education) students who already had a business. The coaching activity was done for four months which were divided into several stages. First, the preparation phase which was done in July 2016 and included the announcement of the program to the prospective participants, registration and selection. Then, the implementation phase which was divided into 2 major activities namely the coaching activity and website creation. The coaching activity was carried out through 4 stages, those were need assessment, initiation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The Creativepreneur 2.0 website is created to facilitate students in conducting their entrepreneurial activities. The first step for making this website was to create a domain that is integrated with the website. The website for coaching activities through the web-based business incubator is named

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