Analysis of Effectiveness of Pictorial Warning on Cigarette Packaging in India

  • Devraj Jamwal, Dr. Chetan Panse


Tobacco consumption is one of the leading preventable causes of death among adults in India, with little awareness amongst the general public, including tobacco consumers, of the potential consequences of tobacco use. One of the ways of raising awareness is to put more detail in the form of pictorial warnings on tobacco related products. The Indian government ordered early pictorial warnings which were later diluted, Graphical health warnings are depicted on  packaging of cigarettes in India and other countries to discourage potential buyers from purchasing cigarettes and also to deter buyers from smoking cigarettes. In India, the sales of cigarettes is governed by The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003 or COTPA, 2003. The provisions of this act saw major amendments in the year 2009, 2011 and 2015 in terms of the graphical health warning to be displayed on the packaging. The objective of this paper is to establish whether there was a decline the sales of cigarettes in India due to these amendments in the graphical health warning regulations. This paper will utilize secondary data on cigarette sales to establish significance in variation in sales before and after the amendments were enacted and how the government of India is looking forward in taking various steps for reducing the consumption of tobacco use. Forecasting technique will be used to measure significance in the variation of before and after sales demand of cigarette packets.

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