Impact of Technology on Induction Process: A Study on Indian IT Sector Employees

  • Ayyalasomayajula Sai Saranya


The advent of Digitalisation has affected most functions in the corporate sector, out of which Employee Engagement stands out the most. Technology has paved ways for organisations to ease their processes and establish and sustain relations with both prospective and current employees to a great deal. One area which predominantly transformed because of this is Employee Induction in organisations. Induction programmes are now more focussed in preparing the prospective employee to ease into the organisation right from the date of joining.

Technology has impacted workplace induction in four key areas: Verification, Education, Evaluation and communication. From the time employees are selected, their induction begins via various platforms such as emails and WhatsApp groups to make them emotionally ready. Various courses, online study material, simulations and videos are provided to mentally equip them for work even before joining. Verification processes have also started happening digitally, thus saving time and money. Thus, technology has transformed the induction process as a whole.

This paper is aimed at understanding the impact of leveraging technology in induction process in Indian IT sector using Spearman Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis, and also the impact on satisfaction levels of millennial workforce- the target group of this paper. The paper also aims to find out the key areas affected by technology during induction that shape millennial employee readiness and engagement.

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