Workplace Factors Affectıng Employees Absenteeısm Amongst The Technology Frıendly Generatıon

  • Ishan Datta Mishra


The aim of the paper is to provide new insights to the readers related to the topic of employee absenteeism. The paper sets out to identify the various workplace factors that could lead to employee absenteeism amongst the future working groups. Hereby, the future working groups are assumed to be the technology-friendly generation who have a different perspective than that of their previous generations and for whom reasons for absenteeism from the workplace might differ. The paper sheds light on what the upcoming tech-friendly generations consider as the most important reasons for absenteeism from their workplace. The paper identifies variables based on literature reviews where past works related to employee absenteeism are studied in order to justify the various variables used during the course of the study. The dependent variable for the study is employee absenteeism whereas the independent variables are the factors that generally lead to absenteeism amongst the tech-friendly workers, which are job satisfaction, boredom on the job, supervisor’s support and working environment. A primary survey is conducted in order to empirically back up the findings from the paper. An online questionnaire is floated which consists of scales for all the variables used in the study to generate responses from the participants during the study. The data derived from the questionnaire are analyzed with the help of software such as MS Excel and SPSS and various statistical tools such as mean and standard deviation are used to rank the variables of employee absenteeism. The findings of the study will help organizations to identify the main reasons for employee absenteeism. Furthermore, with the research conducted on future professionals, the findings will be helpful for the organizations to understand the mentality of the modern-day, technology-friendly workforce.

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