Impact of Cloud Technology in SMEs and Start-ups

  • Harshit Bajaj


In the past few years, there has been drastic technological development in the field of information and communication technology with more visible changes in internet technologies which have led to development of cloud computing. There has been proof of service provider which provides various types of cloud services to customers as well as companies. As a result, more and more ventures and start-up are moving towards it which leads to the development of this market. It offers various advantages to the organization but there are few challenges also involved. In this research we will be finding out how cloud services are benefiting the start-ups and the SMEs. Research methodology for this would be quantitative analysis of data collected from entrepreneurs and start-ups. We will conduct a survey (google forms) to find out the results. The cloud technology even helps the start-ups to allow their employees to work from anywhere despite being at regular spaces, software hardware and data can decide in the technology center which can be managed by third-party vendors. With the addition to this technology, the benefit can lead to many innovations and can become base of new coming models from which can we define business, it can also offer important information collaboration and effectiveness of a company who utilizes it. It also creates and social impact by offering civil benefit to health care and education systems also. From this research we can conclude that cloud computing is positively impacting SMEs and start-ups for their betterment and providing an ecosystem for the growth

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