Smartphone Addiction and Overuse Among Students in India

  • Vaibhav Tantia


Smartphones has now become a necessity in one’s life, especially for young students. Smartphone usage among students have increased dramatically over the last decade. Modern smartphone is used for basic requirements like calling and sending a text message to things like using social media, playing games and also for education purposes. This study on Smartphone addiction is done to identify the current generation students Smartphone usage, characteristics behind smartphone addiction and the factors that predict and determine smartphone addiction among students in India There was a huge debate that weather there is something like smartphone addiction and its overuse or not on the first place and what effects does it have on students life but later with many researches done in various institutions it has now been proved that smartphone addiction is a problem just like internet addiction and gaming addiction. FOMO as well as anxiety are some of the top reasons student gets addicted to smartphone [1]. In this research, primary data was collected from students through then the data was analysed using various statistical tools to get the desired results.

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