Eye Trackıng Study of Attentıon And Appeal ın Mobıle Phone Advertısements

  • Manvi Chawla, Varun Dave, Dr. Preetha Menon


Mobile phone advertisements help the customers to know about the existence of various mobile phones in the market, their prices, and features, etc. These advertisements are used to increase brand awareness and exposure in the target market. It helps consumers to choose from the number of brands available to satisfy their needs and demands. Unfortunately, certain mobile phone advertisements’ characteristics may impede consumer decision making. Different presentation formats in advertisements may promote or hinder the consumer decision-making process, so it is necessary to have an understanding of the effects of information presentation in advertisements.  This research paper aims to assess which ad elements gather most attention by consumers with respect to their positions in the advertisements. We have conducted exploratory field research using precise cameras which monitor the consumer visual attention when shown advertisements, through eye-tracking. This eye-tracking helps in identifying the ways in which advertisements' designs could be modified to enhance the consumers’ ability to effectively locate and utilize the information presented in the advertisements. The present paper presents all the results gathered through the eye-tracking methodology and recommendations for ways in which the advertisements could be designed to further improve the consumer decision-making process. It also presents scope for future research in this growing field.

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Manvi Chawla, Varun Dave, Dr. Preetha Menon. (2020). Eye Trackıng Study of Attentıon And Appeal ın Mobıle Phone Advertısements. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(5s), 2255-2266. Retrieved from http://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/22765