Examining the effect of Moment Marketing on the purchase intention of a customer in India

  • Sarbajit Biswas, Dhwani Shah


As digitalization is one of the most prominent reason of a large scale transformation across multiple business dimensions, companies are taking the help of these formats to boost their company growth, target customers and increase brand awareness and value. This paper examines the impact of Moment Marketing on customers’ purchase intention in  India, how particular advertisement on a particular moment triggers a customer to react about that product or the brand or both.

Methodology/Design: This study collected data from a sample of 100 Indian respondents, using online-based questionnaires. The programs SPSS were used to analyze the data collected.

Limitations: The research is limited to the Indian market and respondents.

Originality: This is one of the earliest paper on Moment Marketing and the effect on customer's purchase intention, although papers are there which talks about Viral marketing and other online marketing.

Findings: The result shows that prior knowledge of the product, knowledge of the moment, picture and message clarity and the advertisements’ relevance with the moment played a significant role in triggering the purchase intention of a customer. Furthermore, it is also found that the same is also affected by a users’ involvement with the marketing post and the reactiveness of the post with respect to the moment

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