Expediting the Process of Skill transfer through Training Within Industry- “Job Instruction” A Case Study

  • Dr. Meenakshi Tyagi


Skill plays a great role in achieving intended performance in all companies, skill is a very important aspect to get the quality production on time which is the base to optimize the production cost, but many times companies faced the challenge of skill shortage, especially in case of employee’s separation, absenteeism, change in design or in desire of some special skills. The labour turnover of frontline operators is very significant in all the companies, which creates a sudden vacuum of a particular skill set and affects the company performance, also in normal time company struggle to enhance skill level, or having more multi skilled operators. With growing competition in the market, it has become the necessity of companies to expedite the skill transfer process in order to withstand the changing needs of customers. The “Training Within Industry” program, is the best framework to improve shop floor productivity and quality in the possible easiest way.  The “Job Instruction” technique under TWI framework is a technique to ramp up the skills of existing operators, enhance multi skilling. The basic aim of Job Instruction is to equip anybody with the required skills in possible shortest time which eventually helps companies to solve their skill shortage related problems to a great extent. The Job Instruction process has helped the companies to acquire more skilled operators in less time and has also benefited the trainers to teach effectively. The presented case study focused on solving the skill shortage problem (to solve quality problems and to increase production with same number of operators) faced by a leading paper pulp machine manufacturing company in India.

Keywords: Training within industry (TWI), Job Instruction (JI), Systematic skill transfer, Skill matrix, Natural team       

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