Emergence of Financial Analytics in Business Sector

  • Smriti Nagaria,


The activities in the various sectors such as banking, debt or leverage, credit, capital markets and investments involve finance as a broad term. In general finance involves managing of money and also the process of acquiring the funds for meeting various requirements. Finance also incorporates the oversight, creation and aspects of the financial systems. A blend of finance and the in-trend technology is known as Analytics. Financial analytics is a model that provides different interpretations about the business financial systems. It gives in-depth understanding and take strategic actions to improve business overall performance. It plays a decisive role in computing business worth. Finance is making its way as a crucial business function and it intersects with analytics in many regions. Financial experts are looking for a new technology in the field of finance that are changing needs of the traditional financial practices which led to need & emergence of Financial Analytics. Data is collected from contingent sources such as websites and articles. Financial analytics concentrates on the effective analysis for the effective management of the assets of an association such as cash, machinery etc. Analysing the present financial situation, condition and shaping up tomorrow’s goals is what financial analytics is about. It offers a complete understanding about the financial condition of the organization and progresses the profitability, cash flow and assessment of the business. Financial analytics assists in taking several clever decisions to have a smooth cash flow, minimize the cost, increase profits etc. Accounting, tax and other areas of finance can be monitored with the help of financial analytics which is given a Data Warehouse which consists of the past and useful data related to business which can help to monitor business activities and reach all the objectives of the business.

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