A Predictive Technique Approaches On Optimal Solar Panel Designs

  • Mohd Mustafa and Anandha Kumar G


Socio-economical renewable energy power generation is the key challenge to meet the added power demand in present day to day life. This shows more attention on research works on renewable power generation in socio-economic factors.Solar power generation using s PV cells is the key and plays a vital role to meet the desirable power demand. Limitation of availability of light energy makes the major drawback to the solar power generation. This recommends that, the need of vast research work on enhanced solar PV cell efficiency. Application of concept of light reflection may fulfill the enhanced PV cell efficiency in socio-economic factor. In view of this, authors are tried to review the research work done in elsewhere in the world and made new approaches to meet the increased power demand. This paper presents the review of different methodologies of utilization of light source for solar power generation. Also, this paper discussed results presented in existing methodologies and made suggestions for optimal solar panel designs for enhanced solar PV cell efficiency and in order to avoid space occupation problems of solar panels.

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