Understanding, Exploring And Addressing The Security Issues In Internet Of Things (Iot): A Researcher's Perspective

  • Binod Kumar Pattanayak, Hosenkhan Reza


            Tehcnological innovations in the field of global data communication have been intensified over the years and consequently, the emergence of global Internet has driven the communication technology into new dimensions. Internet services have spread over a wide spectrum of areas relating to socio-economical, technological and many other professional enterprises. Seamless communications across the Internet have been the prime source of communication among the people around the globe. However, such communications have been limited to human-to-human only. A further innovation to the existing Internet has been explored wherein even device-to-device autonomous communications are made viable independent of human interventions [1]. This is referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) that is also regarded as the future Internet which connects a wide range of devices as depicted in [Fig.1]. Here, “Things” are referred to the devices connected to the IoT environment. The IoT architecture encompasses infinitely large number of autonomous smart devices. Diffrent sources in the available literature reveal that as many as 30 bilions of such devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2025. In IoT environment, the devices are connected to the Internet through sensing devices in order for their proper management and identification. Since most of the devices use  aradio frequency based connection, each of them is associated with a Radio frequency Identifier (RFID) tag which is used for the identification purpose. This innovative technology is not only used for industrial development, but at the same time, it leaves a significant impact on the day-to-day life of people. Hence, a great emphasis is given to it by the researchers and scientists. The major application areas of IoT includes healthcare, agriculture, education, military operations, disaster recovery operations and so on [2, 3].  However, security challenges related to these these devies have become the major concern for researchers and sacientists all over the world. The heterogenity and varying architectural complexities of smart devices connected to the Internet further intensify the security challenges. In addition to this, the open inbound ports associated with each device make it even more vulnerable to security breach. The traditional security measures presumably fail comprehensively to address such security challenges that motivates novel security solutions to be innovated fo IoT devices [4]. In this paper, we have addressed various IoT security issues and challenges along with proposed measures as revealed in the available yet literature. The rest of the paper is organized as follows.

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