The Meaning of Profit in a Franchise Business in the Christian Perspective

  • Natalia Paranoan*, Anthon Paranoan, Petrus Mana


The purpose of this study is to uncover the meaning of profit in a franchise business from a Christian perspective. The phenomenon of franchise business in Indonesia is increasing where international franchise businesses previously dominated it. This study uses qualitative research methods and four key informants to deeply explore the meaning of profit in the franchise business in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that earnings are often only reviewed based on mere material profit gains, which are needed to assess potential changes in economic resources that may be controlled in the future. Also, profit is about other consequences of running a business company. It can see that the highest accountability to the natural environment around the business, including additional factors that often overlook, which are related to aspects of employee resources, leadership aspects, and aspects of competition in the business world in line with a Christian way of life. Then the meaning of profit from a Christian perspective is that profit should achieve in ways that are following God's will. The business should present the existence of God by unifying the concept of spirituality in the development of a goal. Spirituality in question is God, who represents moral concepts that should use as a guide. God, as a person who guarantees that people who act well for moral obligations will get happiness in the perfect business world.

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