Described A Facial Expression Recognition In Real Time Using Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Malika Falak Naaz, Krishan Kumar Goyal


 The purpose of this paper is to analysis of facial expression recognition using with Machine learning algorithm models. It has been observed from past few years that lots of scholar have shown Interest in research activities related to face expression recognition, as such there has been increase in multiple research with different algorithm proposed, after the tragedy of 9/11, 2001 when twin tower were destroyed in an attack by American airliner, need for face identification application to recognized suspected matrix, were felt necessary, as such the demand of such applications increased rapidly. then evaluated of many algorithm technics were generated, initially machine learning techniques using as statically matching which is controlling photographs like in a “MugsShots Matching.” (an informal term for police photograph or booking photograph) it is a photographic portrait of a person.[1] Images deducting, for authentication of banking, CCTV Video and security model refinery [2] have also shown growing advance analysis techniques, like wavelets, HOG and neural networks, models ,techniques with robust software tool, that are important categories,  well  proposed so many  techniques increasingly. In this research work I tried to survey and evaluation an important method that is known as “Face recognition”, earlier it can be introduced eigenface, elastic matching, neural networks, pattern recognition or facial expression recognition. The goal of this paper is to study facial expression recognized emotions with given images and also explore real time images, that include expression of human emotions like, sad, happy, angry and so on. This activity can be used in real life environment. In this research work the main objective is to use of particular algorithm or models along with these libraries “PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, and OpenCV”, one of the libraries for FER analysis its name is Emopy toolkits for facial expression recognition in real time, video base images for motion recognized.

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