Management Education In India: Challenges And Reforms

  • Vikhyat Singhal, Ravinder Saini


India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of graduates passing every year. We look around us the job seekers running in the search of job opportunities in the market. Even after having a higher education they are not capable of getting desired jobs. The increasing rate of unemployment has become one of the major problems in India. The lack of required employability skills have been observed as a cause for failure in getting the job. Aspirants of management education are facing the enormous challenges in getting employment and excel in their career. In this view the academic institutions may play a vital role in imparting contemporary vibrant knowledge and honing the skills of management students. The reforms in the management education system are highly required to bridge the gap between corporate expectations from management graduates and the skills possessed by them. This research study aims at exploring the challenges faced by stakeholders in the education industry and the attempts have been made to give the new insights into the issues and find the solutions to overcome these challenges. The researcher has gone through a plenty of existing research studies and approach the secondary data to conclude the research work. The policies and announcements made by AICTE and National Education Policy have been considered as an integral part of this research paper.

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