Radio Propagation in Evaporation Duct Using SHF Range

  • Imadeldin Elsayed Elmutasim and Izzeldin I. Mohd


 In recent times, modeling in radio propagation has drawn much attention due to revolutionize the world in wide technology aspects. Different communication scenarios are implemented in sea environment considering various parameters in previous studies. But despite that, few comprehensive studies that focus on high frequencies within same band to give fresh channel model with comparative analysis. This paper takes into account the matter via focus in evaporation duct to model the refractivity profiles. Several frequencies in SHF range applied using parabolic equation to comparison in terms of significant characteristics. The key goal of the work is to present fading phenomenon impact during a comparative study between standard atmosphere and evaporation duct for the radio propagation in sea surface, so that it can help researchers which are working in the area to design and select appropriate model and give a reliable wireless communication. This work result emphasized the versa correlation between the coverage area and frequency, and makes sure that the reduction which happened not just due to path loss but result to the fading, which become clear at higher frequency rang. Overall the proposal considers the fading affect in coastal ducts from refractive profiles viewpoint, and ensures to supply reliable link over the sea.

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Imadeldin Elsayed Elmutasim and Izzeldin I. Mohd. (2020). Radio Propagation in Evaporation Duct Using SHF Range . International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(12s), 1080 - 1088. Retrieved from