Sound : A New Source of Green Energy

  • Bimalendu Bhaskar Pui, Prakash Kumar Mandal, Gaganjot Kaur


In this review paper, the authors put forward a very less investigated type of energy i.e. sound energy conversion to feasible electrical energy. Till now it is not considered as a primary source of energy but with the increase in noise pollution there is a better way to harness the electrical energy by taking noise as a source. An appropriate way of harnessing electrical energy from noise is introduced here with the use of effective transducers. The concept of piezoelectric transducers and multiple super capacitors are discussed here. The worldwide need of electricity can be met by this renewable energy source. Electricity produced through differently placed piezoelectric transducers can charge up to a 9V battery by use of voltage multiplier circuits. This renewable energy can be transferred to small load equipments to run freely all the time without any harm to environment.

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