A Formal Inspection on Non-Traditional Machining Electric Energy with New Matrix Composites.

  • Sushant Kumar


 Number of super thermal resist materials or alloys has been used for variant applications used for industrial products, mainly aeronautics and defense field. Automation, accessories used in medical area and kits used in sport industries wants advances in materials. Introduction regarding new matrix materials with having special properties low density and weight with good stiffness and hardness. Important factor of these new materials is mixture. Their substance is the wide variety of properties offered in joining of number possible metrics and reinforcements, which accept different material properties to meet final requirements. Application of these matrix composite materials on large scale however been difficult due to their more processing amount and operating challenges due to the different properties of matrix composites or compound and to rich abrasiveness. This harm results in starting or being share into the working job and in awfully fast scrape or wear introduce in the slicing tool. Old time machining technique or processes like hole, shaping, planning or milling operations can be used or applied to new materials, providing good tool or appliance design and different operating or working conditions are approved, but still high cutting tool wear have been recorded during above machining methods of new composite materials, which under certain situations or circumstances guide to an economical work output or production impossible. The working condition of new materials by old or conventional methods is never worth. So that old machining ways are not naturally propose for machining. EDM process shows high potential for shaping and cutting non regular dimensions or shapes along with good level exactitude for these new manufacture materials. This paper shows a formal report of EDM process and year or annual wise research and experimental work done in edm on metal matrix composites (MMCs).

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