Factors that Influence Publıc to Purchase Grocery Onlıne

  • Suketh Kodimyala


Technological advancement has encouraged everyone to use a Smartphone in which the internet has become a must. With the internet being pushed to people at the lowest prices, everyone has access to the world and hence updated with the wider environment of E-commerce. One of the new trends which created a buzz is shopping for groceries online. Groceries are the most essential items everyone has to have in their homes to live and cook everyday as they are the most needed things that let us stay and cook at home. Traditionally people used to go to the supermarkets to shop their groceries and select by comparing each piece, by finding and comparing prices but now the time has changed where people need not waste their precious time to plan a visit to grocery shop. With the introduction of online groceries, anyone can view all the available options of what they want in a store and can compare, choose and also order them to be delivered at their doorstep for free. The paper has been made to narrow down to know the reasons that affect the people to buy groceries online. This study includes empirical and quantitative data and pedagogy used while conducting the study is correlation and regression for knowing the relation between two quantitative variables and this collected data was known using SPSS. The values of the data was collected with the help of Google forms and online questionnaires sent through mails to the people of different age groups. The research method used is online questionnaires, surveys and interviews.

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