The Role of Personality Traits in Driving Online or Offline Channel of Purchase

  • Subodh Khurana, Shubhankar Jain, Dr Preetha Menon


With the advent of the Web and its gradual proliferation, the topic of consumer channel choice has attracted much research, focusing mainly on the impact of the web, user, and product category features as its drivers. Customers' buying journey has become highly fractured, as customers are now shopping through various online and offline platforms to complete a single offer. Several factors have been studied and taken into account to understand how customers choose to meet their requirements between these online and offline platforms during their buying journey.

However, the relationship between channel selection and personality traits was largely ignored. This paper aims at filling that gap defining the main personality traits and conducting a study to determine the effect on the choice of the offline and online buying channel. A multipart study was performed to evaluate whether differences in the online / offline buying purchase are guided by personality characteristics. Data analysis considers Exploratory factor analysis technique along with Logistic regression to arrive at the results. The main predictors of observable variations in channel choice between products and users were the discrepancies in weights of value applied to the features supporting online channels and the characteristics supporting offline channels.

The study included 428 participants. The participants filled out a questionnaire consisting of 44 personality traits.  We conducted an exploratory factor analysis to determine the personality traits which most impact the channel of purchase and later performed a logistic regression to determine the impact of personality traits on the channel of purchase.

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