Prevalence of Entrepreneurial Mindset in Art and Media Students

  • Shruthi Udayakumar


The purpose of this study is to find out the prevalence of entrepreneurial mindset amongst students in the media industry. With the start-up boom that is currently prevailing in India, entrepreneurship seems to be the new trend. The media industry has always been an acute follower of trends. The field of entrepreneurship also has strong roots in creativity and innovation. Thus, it is only natural to come to the hypothesis that a field like media which is also similarly rooted in creativity, nurtures entrepreneurial tendencies. Another thing to consider is that, media institutes currently churn out thousands of artists every year. Amidst this clutter, an artist, like an entrepreneur, also has to sell a product or an idea (concrete or vague) to make money. Thus, this study will attempt to examine the ties between the media industry and entrepreneurship by assessing the presence of entrepreneurial intention amongst media students as well as assess their level of involvement in the startup culture.

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