Effectıveness of Employer Brandıng ın Makıng an Organısatıon an Employer of Choıce

  • Shelına Dharanı


Finding the right talent and being able to retain talent is a challenge that most companies are facing today. In order to overcome this, companies are working towards building their Employer Brand. Employer branding has come to be of great importance in the generation of millennials as these millennials pay great attention to the reputation of the organization. There has been a consistent effort on the part of the companies to make the millennials feel that they are a part of something bigger. From organizing corporate campus competitions which encourage the individuals to fulfil their dreams to organizing campus runs to promote fitness and health – the companies are doing everything in their capacity to differentiate themselves in the industry and create a desirable niche identity for themselves in the market.

The propose of this study is to understand the effect and the impact of employer branding on the likeability of a brand as an employer of choice. In-depth interviews/questionnaires with employees and students have been used to gauge the importance of employer branding in their decision of choosing an employer. Additionally, the various methods that the companies employ to grow their employer brand and their impact in establishing a desirable reputation or identity in the minds of their desired target group are also studied.

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