Implıcatıons of Dıfferent Health Hazards on Cancer -A Collectıve Study From 44 Dıfferent Countrıes

  • Prachi Karn


The aim of this study is to shed some light over the different factors that is affecting the growth rate of cancer. Cancer is a situation inside any living organism body which causes uncontrolled and unstoppable growth of body cells by affecting neighboring cells. Every human body has oncogene cells, but it is in inactive state and when it gets activated, because of any mutagens, it leads to uncontrolled cell division and that state is known as cancer. This document is all about cancer like what are different types of cancer and different factors affecting cancer, what it will do to human body and what are the current scenario of different countries. To find out the result, some statistical methods like correlation and regression have been used in this document. The significance of any research related to cancer is to contribute towards the global challenge. This aim of this document is also to provide some contribution in the field of cancer research, as Cancer is very complicated and most challenging situation faced across the globe. This paper will give insights about the mortality rate of different countries because of cancer. There are many factors which causes the oncogenes cells to get activated and leads to cancer, some of them are discussed in this document. The result of this study showed that at 95% confidence level alcohol consumption, GNI PPP and body mass index significantly affect the growth rate of cancer.

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