Impact of Digital Marketing on The Purchase Pattern of Senior Citizens in India

  • Durgesh S. Naregalkar, Ayush Sah


Digital Marketing has emerged as a prominent way method of marking recently because as it is most economical; less time is required and as well as reaches a greater number of focus customers effectively than in comparison to other traditional marketing techniques. Digital marketing is usually seen to target millennials and Gen Z as their focus market and not senior citizens which are known to be more loyal customers than their later generations. According to the United Nations Ageing Profile, the population percentage rise in senior citizens in India is from 9.9 (2019) to 12.6 (2030) until 19.5 (2050). India is the country that has the maximum number of senior citizens in the whole world (104 million) which makes a huge opportunity for the companies and entrepreneurs to take advantage of, but the only challenge recognized is to reach the senior citizen customers. The purpose of the paper is to find whether digital marketing is an effective way to cater to the senior citizen market or not. For this research, a sample size of 60 senior citizens was taken from seniors living in urban areas from various states of India. This study aims to explore that digitalization has also reached the senior citizens, but their purchase patterns depend on trustworthiness, the relevance of the advertisements, and many other such factors demonstrated in this paper

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