Leveraging Digital for an Enhanced Training and Development Experience of Employees

  • Mehak Luthra


The frequent changes in technology have brought about a revolution in every sphere of life. The people function has also reaped benefits of this proliferation of technology with emerging evidence showing that incorporation of technology across functions of HR has helped see massive improvements in productivity, engagement and motivation metrics.

Furthermore, globalization, economic pressures and work-life concerns have given birth to an environment that mandates new and innovative training solutions.

Responding to a need for new and more dynamic training strategies, this paper aims to examine the importance of integrating newer and tech-driven methods into training and development to bring about a faster and more seamless integration of employees into current and newer roles.

The paper sheds light on the increase in effectiveness and the edge attained as a result of a move from more traditional classroom-based instruction or computer-based videos to more modern forms of learning and development. The recent developments in technology have helped position digital as a tool for addressing these newer demands.

Qualitative and quantitative data were gathered by means of telephonic interview and survey questionnaires and suggestions are made with respect to the training strategies that can help new and old companies maintain an edge with respect to productivity, quality and competitiveness in order to drive the long-term economic performance of firms.

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