What is the Best Way for Start-Ups to Seek Finances?

  • Megha Agarwal


The research paper focuses towards the important questions that are dealt with by various small-scale industries that are emerging into the market, which are often referred to as start-ups. The problems that these start-ups face in the initial stages of development regarding the investment required to continue the operations of the business are addressed through the paper, with the help of various research methodologies that have been applied. The analysis of the problem has also been done keeping in mind the growing culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and its manifestations on the society. Funding is a very crucial part for any start-up or any business venture for that matter, yet it is very difficult for these start-ups to pitch to the investors and be able to convince them to invest into the business idea. Also there exists some amount of hesitation that can be observed amongst the consumers when they are made to choose a product that is manufactured by a new company or a start-up over something that they already have been using for a long time, which is one of the main reasons for difficulty for the start-ups to convince people of their ideas and seek finances in their initial stages. And hence an effort has been made to clear the gap for a start-up in order to decide the best way to seek finances for starting its business operations.

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