Analysing association between Quality of experience and Repeat Purchases for OTT platforms

  • Gopal Aggarwal


Quality of Experience or QoX/QoE is measured as how much the customer is satisfied with the services/product offered by a company. A purchase is said to be a repeat purchase when the user is buying the same service or product from the same company instead of moving to the competitor’s similar service/product. OTT or Over the top service providers are those providing video/streaming media service directly via internet and avoiding traditional cable TV channels. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between the QoE and repeat purchases and its effect on OTT platforms. The research was conducted in Delhi. Independent variables of the research are Quality of Content, Perceived cost, Frequency of new content, Availability of subtitles, Content surrounding Native demand. These are some factors that affect the Quality of experience which is the mediating variable for this analysis. The dependent variable here is the Repeat purchases. The study was quantitative in nature. This study involved using primary data collected via a self-directed questionnaire technique. Non probabilistic sampling was used for the analysis. The sample size taken for this was 108. The findings from this study has shown that there is substantial correlation between Quality of experience and repeat purchases on an OTT platform.

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