Analyzing Effects AI infused cues on E-Commerce Websites

  • Animish Agrawal


Machine Learning, a term which was once an uncharted territory in the year of 1959 and originally coined by the Arthur Samuel, has now become an integral part of every business venture. This research journal, therefore, tries to extrapolate the impact of AI-infused cues, which includes visual, monetary, non- monetary, and many more on e-commerce websites. The study eventually boils down to the subsequent impact of these cues on the consumer buying behavior and his/her purchase journey. The additional purpose of this study which can be inferred is the shift in consumer base from traditional brick and mortar store and how online sales equipped with technology has driven the sales (online) in this tech-savvy environment. To explore this idea and substantiate it with quantitative analysis, an experiment was conducted, by floating a set of questions among individuals (limited to India diaspora) to drive the result. The results showed that website interactivity increased as the AI keeps on personalizing the user experience on e-commerce and eventually helped in increasing the conversion factor. These revelations include to the composing web retailing and buyer direct in a web based setting and besides the impact of the coextensive relationship.

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