Factors Affecting Buying Intent of the Millennial Indian Consumers from a Social Media Platform

  • Shubhankar Jain, Subodh Khurana, Dr Preetha Menon


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that influence young Indian consumers online goods purchase intent from social media platforms. Fourteen factors including attitude, compatibility, hedonic motivation, perceived ease of usage, perceived usefulness, delivery risk, performance risk, online payment risk, psychological risk, satisfaction, commitment, information support, habit and perceived Technology were tested.

Design/methodology/approach - Data was collected by circulating a questionnaire directed towards the Gen Z population. A total of 120 responses were examined. Firstly, Reliability Test was conducted in order to remove the inaccurate responses and questions. Further, Dimension reduction was performed in order to group variables having similar properties together. Lastly Multiple Regression was performed on these factors in order to identify the priority of all the factors to enable the social commerce business to save cost and focus on these factors only.

Findings – Total of seven factors could explain around 70% variability. Also, four of these factors were found to be the most significant after Multiple Regression test was conducted. These are Compatibility, Commitment, perceived Ease of using the platform and perceived usage.

Originality/value – An amalgamation of several theories including TAM and factors of trust and commitment were utilised to develop the framework for this study

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