MSME Sector In Indıa

  • Shreeya Verma, Dr. Madhura Bedarkar


With the changing scenario in the Indian economy in terms of increase in availability of resources, ease of doing business and other factors, the micro, small and medium sector industries and enterprises have started playing a major role in the growth of the economic structure. These particular industries in India are majorly heterogenous when weighed on different parameters such as, Enterprise size, range of services and products offered, technical advancements etc. This industry is a mix of Information Technology, chemicals, food processing, packaging, manufacturing, infrastructure and service industry to name some products and services. The sector has shown higher growth percentage when compared with other sectors and has also been acting as a major employer by giving out more job opportunities, especially in the rural areas as about 20% of such enterprises are established in rural regions and villages. All in all, in the past decades MSMEs had a major role to play in the economic structure and growth scenario for any developing nation. However, while making such socio-economic changes in an economy, any enterprise has to go overcome a lot of struggles such as scarcity of raw materials, lack of financial resources and timely credit facilities, lack of technical skills, insufficient development of entrepreneurial skills, lack of training and development of human resources and complex laws and regulations  among others. As for the contribution of this sector in India on quantitative basis, it has been recorded at 6.11% to the manufacturing sector’s gross domestic production and 24.63 towards the service sector respectively. The industry employs around 120 million persons along with a contribution of 45% to the overall Indian exports. The sector has maintained a consistent growth rate of about 10% since past few years. The main purpose of this study is to analyse the current situation of micro, small and medium industries in a developing country like India with some focus on technological changes in the industry and the impact.

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